Fine-Tune Your Stroke

Fine Tune Your StrokeThe ability to control putterhead speed translates into the ability to control the speed of the ball and, ultimately, your ability to make more than your fair share of putts. If your control has become shaky, here’s a two-part drill to help you get the ball rolling at the speed you desire.

Drop a coin on the practice green, then place a ball about 10 feet from the coin. Now, survey the terrain from the ball to the coin. Make note if it’s an uphill, downhill or level putt. You should also note the break—is it straight or a left-to-right- or a right-to-left-breaking putt? Now, from behind or next to the ball, create a dynamic, mind’s-eye picture of the speed necessary to get the ball to stop no further than one putterhead-length past the coin (about four and a half inches).

Your task is to roll three putts from the same distance and stop all three within the space of the putterhead behind the coin. You can place a coin one putterhead-length behind the first coin to help you visually judge the exact distance.