Handajanto Sundojo
President Director
PT. Parama Dharma

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

PT. Parama Dharma has been operating for 37 years, and "going beyond boundaries" are the right words to describe a company that has been an active participant in the architecture and construction world for more than three decades. Every challenge we must face does not keep us from growing and moving forward. But instead it becomes a strong motivation for us to be more creative and skillful in finding solutions.

To PT. Parama Dharma, limits are the reason to keep improving quality. Without limitations, there will be no breakthrough. But because of limitations, today PT. Parama Dharma has successfully become one of the best leading construction companies in the country.

Our Address

  Apartemen Tamansari Semanggi, Tower B Unit 10
Jalan Kompleks Polri No. 134
Jakarta 12930
  +62 811 9189 72
   :  admin@propcongolf.com