Charity 2016 at Garut

We contributed Rp 176,800,000 for cooking equipment and other emergency needs.


“The disaster just happened so fast, it took a lot of human lives, and other living creatures, and much damage to our infrastructure.”
In the space of a few hours the city of Garut, West Java, northwest of Tasikmalaya became a disaster zone in September 2016 after heavy rainfall, landslides and flooding of the Cimanuk River. Hundreds of homes across five sub-districts Tarogong South, Garut Kota Karangpawitan, Bayongbong, and Banyuresmi were impacted. Tri Kusuma Bangsa Peduli Garut Amidst a rising death toll with over 1,000 evacuated and 400 made homeless, we sprang into action to provide support as soon as possible. Public kitchens were being overwhelmed and so we contributed through the Tri Kusuma Bangsa Foundation 260 gas grills and supplies of gas cylinders plus other support including 5,000 rice packets so that hot meals could be cooked for families especially small children rendered homeless, while the extent of the disaster was being assessed and
intermediate shelter provided.

“Tri Kusuma Bangsa Peduli GARUT” has continued good work in the interm period with local authorities to care for 260 households. We will continue to
monitor their situation.

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