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I am an architect, a freelance web developer, and I did all of my website projects as a hobby. Because of my passionate in computer techology, I learn it by myself and I helped my friends and my clients to have their own website.

If you did not have your own website yet, and you think that to have a website for your company, your club or your organization is difficult or event it is expensive, you are absolutelly WRONG...! Contact me, and I will help you on how to have it at the easiest way.

This website is the gate into some of my developed website projects. Please click here or click the left image to access the website.



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Our Address

  Apartemen Tamansari Semanggi, Tower B Unit 10
Jalan Kompleks Polri No. 134
Jakarta 12930
  +62 811 9189 72
   :  admin@propcongolf.com